Risk & Responsibility, 1966

It’s shot in the 1960s, everybody’s smoking, and it’s both funny and hard-hitting – all good reasons to spend an hour watching this legendary film. It was originally a presentation to the Advertising Association Conference in 1966, commissioned by the Creative Circle to dramatise the risks of the creative development process. 
Jeremy, together with three other industry leaders led by Creative Circle president Ronnie Kirkwood, parodies the role of the client who systematically administers a death by a thousand cuts to David Ogilvy’s famous “The man in the Hathaway Shirt” eye-patch ad. While the film’s purpose and shape were meticulously planned, the Hathaway Shirt sequence was never written down, just ad-libbed on the day. The presentation was a great success and Unilever subsequently paid to have it filmed in black and white. The older this film has got, quite rightly, the more famous it has become.