Books by Jeremy Bullmore

  • Date: Various
  • Publishers: Various

Over the years little of concern to the advertising business has escaped thoughtful consideration in Jeremy’s seven published books. They offer a combination of wit, wisdom and pure enjoyment. Why does marketing matter in the modern world? What makes a successful brand? What are planners for? Why should you never use irony in Chicago? Few of these questions have escaped treatment in other advertising texts, but when Jeremy writes we get much more than simple information; we get unflappable, literate, and yet deceptively simple case studies in how to think and how to do.
In date order, his books are:

“Behind the Scenes in Advertising”, first edition published 1991, NTC Publications 
“Behind the Scenes in Advertising”, second edition published 1998, Admap Publications 
“Behind the Scenes in Advertising Mark 11I”, third edition published 2003, World Advertising Research Centre
“Another Bad Day at the Office?”, Penguin, 2001
“Ask Jeremy”, Haymarket Management Publications, 2004
“Apples, Insights and Mad Inventors”, John Wiley & Sons, 2006
“The Quality Quotient”, Writersworld, 2017